EquipIC supply chain is headquartered in The Netherlands and operating internationally, with branch offices in France and the USA. 

We are an ISO9001 certified company.

We have been active since 2002 and are a stable, family owned enterprise

EquipIC counts small and big (fabless) enterprises, systemhouses, technical universities & research labs among its very diversified customer base.

We engage in feasibility studies,  offer IC design support and foundry access and manufacturing services from prototyping and MPW up to volume production in legacy or leading edge technology in combination with assembly and test solutions.

We do have strong in-house expertise related to all aspects of the IC design & manufacturing flow and the supply chain. EquipIC’s own organization is kept lean and mean, as our network approach eliminates the need to keep every offered service in-house. We consider ourselves to be a down-to-earth, engineering driven company, looking for solutions in close communication with our customers and network of suppliers.

Our solid in-house skills ensure EquipIC will always be in the driver’s seat and get the best and competitive results from our trusted network of partners and suppliers, who are all committed to upholding the quality of their products, materials and services. Our short internal communication lines guarantee fast and transparent feedback.

We can provide customized test & assembly solutions and support low and high volume projects,  addressing different segments, ranging from consumer to industrial and defense including AI & aeronautics, to automotive and medical markets. 

EquipIC understands the quality requirements of each of these segments and does support long lifetime products.

We can even source hard to find old parts to prolong your product’s lifetime. We put test programs in place to guarantee authenticity and quality of the replacement product.

Alternatively we can redesign  your old part for the modern world in full accordance with the original product’s datasheets, without any need for PCB and software changes.

 It’s difficult for organizations or enterprises to deal with multiple vendors with respect to product development, planning, manufacturing, test, assembly and transportation. These procedures are often time consuming, distracting from a company’s strategic, technical and commercial focus.

EquipIC takes away this burden and is your sole interface, while we manage the complete supply chain for  you. 


  • Technology, design & manufacturing flexibility
  • Sophisticated test quality & packaging ingenuity
  • Logistical excellence

enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Check out our key capabilities, strengths and management team below


In-House Expertise & Practical Skils

We have gathered strong in-house know-how & expertise on all aspects of the IC supply chain.
We use trusted design partners but do also possess the capability to do in-house IC design and validation.

To give you an impression of our in-house competences, we do have the skills to:

1) work out the best IP & most economical process technology options for you

2) improve your IC floor plan & lay-out

3) realize multi-chip modules by writing bondpad signal specs
and modifying substrate designs

4) optimize redistribution layer for 3D TSV integration

5) design loadboards & customize test solutions to enable high pin count for high & low volume production at competitive pricing

6) provide configuration management, including governing, tracing and documenting each step and configured component of the product development process, in full compliance with military standards/certifications

7) advise on your product qualification

8) implement thorough yield monitoring & quality controls

9) arrange smooth logistical operations

Hands-On Advice & Customized Solutions

EquipIC operates with a hands-on approach, a pro-active attitude and a professional mindset: we like direct and open communication in order to get the best and quickest results.

We are willing to run the extra mile to work out a customized solution.

EquipIC provides full turnkey or modular support, depending on your requirements.

You tell us what you need: one-stop shop or a partial service, for example assembly only: we will arrange accordingly.

We can advise you on the most suitable, advanced packaging solutions for your bespoke integrated circuits solutions.

Additionally we can focus on your specific final test needs and consequently arrange a customized test solution at competitive pricing.

Vendor Independent

While EquipIC benefits from a wide network of partners and suppliers, we pride ourselves of being fully vendor independent.

We offer you a thorough, unbiased advise and service free from outside control or pressure.

Wide Network of Suppliers

Having been successfully active in the IC industry for nearly 2 decades, EquipIC has built up a broad chain of suppliers & partners, including tier 1 & 2 foundries and multiple test and assembly houses.

Through this wide portfolio of suppliers, EquipIC can meet almost any process, package and final test requirement, whether it is in 12″, 8″ or 6″, in a standard, specialty, sub-node, or legacy technology.

EquipIC is your gateway to semiconductor, MEMS and silicon photonics technologies and manufacturing services.

Our Management Team

Geert-Jan Davids

Founder & CEO

Before founding EquipIC Supply Chain, GJ served as senior member of the technical staff at Philips Research Lab in Sunnyvale, where he was involved in the development of advanced CMOS locos isolation technology. After Philips he served as as sales & business manager (Europe) for TSMC, then was appointed VP of UMC Europe.

Torsten Krause-Dukart,

VP Strategic Partnerships

Before joining EquipIC in 2006, Torsten worked in senior design & program roles for VLSI, Philips & NXP, focusing upon complex wireless ASICs for tier-1 customers such as Ericsson, Samsung and Emblaze. Torsten is a graduate of the TU Hamburg-Harburg and holds a MBA degree as well as PMP (Project management professional) certificate from PMI.

Doug McArthur

VP Sales & Marketing

Prior to joining EquipIC in 2008, Doug was business unit manager for Symwave, in charge of its bioprint product line. Prior to Symwave he worked as product line manager for Fujitsu’s biometric sensor products, managing capacitive sensor development and sales. Doug started at Philips Semiconductor in California on its high performance BiCMOS process integration and device characterization.