Task :

For another project, our end-customer came to us with a request to form a complete WiFi enabled Digital TV multi-chip module (MCM) SiP, consisting of 4 components:

1) Digital TV demodulator ASIC in 65nm + 2) WiFi receiver / transmitter & 3) ADC + 4) PCIe interface digital ASIC

EquipIC took the following steps to build a fully integrated ISDBT standard digital TV receiver:

  • write specification, giving all signal connections between bondpads, SMDs and package balls
  • describe critical signals with specific requirements
  • design simulations
  • design & review substrate against specs and critical requirements
  • modify substrate design
  • build parts

Key challenges faced and resolved :

  • devising 4 layer substrate aligned with final system specs with minimal noise levels and cross talk within the package
  • optimization of substrate lay-out via reiterative RTL parasitic extraction and system simulations

Final solution

4 layer substrate assembled into a 240 ball 15×15 mm MCM BGA.

The project took approximately 6 months to complete and resulted in fully functional components that received ISDBT digital television signals, demodulated them and displayed the TV images on a standard laptop computer

Substrate design detail: