EquipIC supply chain can also manage the backend-process for you.

We provide assembly, bumping/flip-chip and final test services. EquipIC Supply Chain does offer a wide variety of standard & chip on board bonding packaging (eg QFP, QFN & BGA) as well as advanced packaging types (SiP, 3D, TSV) together with parallel testing solutions including Flash & RF at competitive prices.

Package customization is another one of our specialties.

We also do have package solutions for photonics applications in our portfolio.

An example of package types EquipIC can offer:

As to bulk wafer services, we can provide:

  1. Wafer backgrinding
  2. Gold bumping
  3. Solder bump
  4. RDL design

Test Services

EquipIC Supply Chain can also make use of a wide variety of testing capabilities across multiple platforms, addressing different market segments, including automotive, aeronautics and medical. We have strong capabilities in Flash & RF testing for development and volume production.

Successful test and characterization starts with the right choice of package and test board design. In the design phase of the chip EquipIC is already able to give guidelines for Design for Testability (DFT) and to define the best way, together with the designer of the chip, how to test the device during production test in the cheapest and fastest way. We have a strong in-house experience in test board PCB design, HDL design for FPGA, and comprehensive testbench control.

Our test program development work usually covers the development of the desired software- & hardware according the electrical test specification (ETS), the debugging of the code on an ATE tester and verification, and can include a socalled GR&R report as a deliverable.

Our recommended methodology is to develop the test programs by test houses close to the design team. Test programs are validated and optimized by testing the initial production lots in the test house. Later on, when test time and yield stabilize, the test programs could be ported to the foundry and to the package house for mass production.

Examples of EquipIC Supply Chain’s Testing Capabilities

Last but not least, we have also made available a very innovative & industry unique low cost tester solution for volume production…

For more details, contact us at sales@equipic.com

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